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Inspiring Kindness

Ruth Evelyn Kind (adjective)
• having a friendly or generous nature or attitude
• helpful to others or to another as in a kind deed
• considerate or humane
• cordial; courteous (esp in the phrase kind regards)
• pleasant; agreeable; mild as in a kind climate
• informal beneficial or not harmful as in a detergent that is kind to the hands
• archaic loving

“For most of my life, I’ve been sensitive to the underlying energy of words and thoughts – within myself and others. In today’s world, the escalation of intense emotion is the rise of internal energies suppressed beneath our surfaces or kept contained within our innermost groups and circles. While very messy, we are in a phase of our humanity where our contained selves have found air and the energy in motion (emotion) escaped with unabashed abandon. Yet, when we catch our breath from the roller-coastering melee and look to the deep calm within, we are able to reset our body and mind to the desired ease where Kindess emerges to flourish. This is the next rising tide.

Through my art, I have set the intention to welcome the essence of Kindness and Kind Regards back into our humanity. Each piece is intended to touch the memory of Kindness naturally residing within you to, first care for you, then strengthen Kindness as it returns to our inner circles, groups and the world.

Ruth Evelyn